"The best part of the class was learning how to actually use my camera not in auto mode!"

"The first 10 minutes of class alone were worth the money."

Classes at Columbus Idea Foundry

Beginner Crash Course

Intermediate Camera Techniques and Skills


I began to learn how to use my "nice camera" so I could take better photos of my kids. With all of this great technology at my fingertips, I wanted to fill our home with amazing photos. My Jump-Start Your Photography class is designed to help you move your camera dial off of "auto" and to help you take control of your camera and start creating the photos you've always wanted to make.

THE FOUNDATION - Focusing and The Exposure Triangle

For much of the class, we'll experiment with the "exposure triangle," learning the foundation of aperture, shutter speed, and ISO. Every photo you create comes down to manipulating the exposure triangle to produce the results you want. Soon enough, you'll be using Manual mode and wondering why you ever used an automatic mode to begin with!

As we discuss the fundamentals of the exposure triangle, we'll also learn how to use auto-focus properly and how to hold the camera. Yes, there's a right way to hold your camera! 

This class is for anyone looking for the confidence to move your camera dial away from auto in order to take control of your photography.

Participants will learn the following:

- demystifying the buttons and settings of your camera

- how to focus properly

- why using aperture or shutter priority mode is easier and better than any auto mode

- the exposure triangle (aperture, shutter speed, and iso) and how it affects your photos

- how to adjust your white balance

- other tips and techniques to start creating better photos!

We will split our time between table discussion and hands-on practice.


This class is for photographers with a dSLR camera. That means you have a camera that allows you to switch lenses.


If you have a camera that has been collecting dust or you'd like to take control your camera, then join me for a two-hour crash course.


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