Full Pricing Guide

READ FIRST: You'll reserve your session.
The Standard Session - $200 
- photography session on-location
- online gallery with print store
- pre-consultation
- makeup artist available
- in-person photo reveal and your choice of additional a la carte or special package products
Prints and/or digital photos are not included in your session fee.
- I will meet with you a few weeks after the session to show you your photos and make final print and digital purchases.
- Photos get an additional round of editing and polish for your final purchases.
- My typical client spends between $500 and $1500 on additional print and product purchases. 
READ SECOND: Here is my full price list for prints and digitals 
- All prices do not include 7.5% Franklin County sales tax.

Special Packages


Silver Package - Small Custom Prints

$625 ($735 value, $110 in savings)

- Ten dream prints up to size 8x12 (your choice of lustre or deep matte paper)

Gold Package - Heirloom Album with Small Custom Prints

$885 ($1035 value, $150 in savings)

- One 10x10 luxury album, custom design, 10 thick, gilded pages (5 spreads), archival box

- Ten dream prints up to size 8x12 (your choice of lustre or deep matte paper)​​

Platinum Package - Heirloom Presentation Box and Display

$1240 ($1419 value, $179 in savings)

- Ten 8x10 dream prints (your choice of lustre or deep matte paper)

- Ten 11x14 white window display mats

- One magnetic walnut display stands

- 11x14 walnut heirloom box

Onyx Package - Wall Art Gallery with Small Custom Prints

$1735 ($1935 value, $200 in savings)

- Four-piece wall art gallery (one 20x30, three 16x16), your choice of standout, metal, or gallery wrap canvas

- Ten dream prints up to size 8x12 (your choice of lustre or deep matte paper)​​

A La Carte Purchases


Choice of Lustre or Deep Matte finish.

Up to 8x12 $49

10x10 $54

11x14 $72

12x12 $69

12x18 $134


Slip-in Mats 

8x10 (fits 5x7 print) - $30 each, set of five $120

11x14 (fits 8x10 or 8x12) - $35 each, set of five $150


Heirloom Albums

Heirloom Albums include archival box, silver-gilded thick pages, and standard photo paper.


8x10, 10 pages $595

10x10, 10 pages $645

12x12, 10 pages $825


Standard cover materials include leather, linen, suede, and velvet.

Cameo image cover available at no extra charge.


Additional 2-page spreads - $45 each

Cover foil stamping - $35

Cover debossing - $60

Wall Art


10x10 $120 

11x14 $160 

12x12 $160 

12x18 $240 

16x16 $240 

16x20 $240 

16x24 $325 

20x20 $325 

20x24 $330 

20x30 $430 

24x30 $610 

24x36 $795 

30x40 $970 


10x10 $140 

11x14 $190 

12x12 $140 

12x18 $240

16x16 $200

16x20 $290 

16x24 $375

20x20 $390 

20x24 $$410 

20x30 $510 

24x30 $730 

24x36 $870 

30x40 $1,130 

Canvas Gallery Wrap

10x10 $235

11x14 $275

12x12 $280

12x18 $330

16x16 $330

16x20 $385

16x24 $425

20x20 $430

20x24 $485

20x30 $555

24x30 $645

24x36 $740

30x40 $920


Standout prints include 3/4 lightweight foam with your choice of four edge finishes (black, white, brushed stainless, maple) and your choice of Lustre or Deep Matte finish.

Digital Image Files

One original-resolution, un-watermarked digital image - $99

All original-resolution, un-watermarked digital images - $990

Table and Shelf Gifts

Metal Print with easel back

4x6 or 5x7 - $99

8x10 - $109


Acrylic Block

3.5x3.5 or 4x6 - $159

5x7 - $169

6x6 - $209


Acrylic Stand


Available in 4”, 5”, 6”, or 7”


Magnetic Wood Stand



Walnut Portfolio Box

Fits 20 mat prints

8x10 - $549

11x14 - $649

Product Photos

Pictured below: loose prints in slip-in mats with magnetic wood block stand.

Pictured below: walnut portfolio box with loose prints in slip-in mats.

Pictured below: metal print with easel back and acrylic block.

Pictured below: metal print with acrylic stand.

Pictured below: standout wall art. (Prints are mounted on foam board and edged with your choice of material.

Pictured below: heirloom album with silver-gilded thick pages.

Custom Prints. Keepsake Albums.
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