Dane and John

Last Friday, I had a blast photographing Dane and John. They've been married for almost four years now, and they are very much in love. One had the other laughing for just about the entire evening. Plain and simple, these two guys are great fun.

Our session started with a walk through their neightborhood to a local park with their eager, friendly dog, Ezri, at their heels. Midway through the evening, we headed back to their home where Dane and John whipped up a quick batch of oatmeal raisin cookies. They sent me home with half a dozen, two of which didn't make it home!

Dane and John took turns telling stories about their first date, their proposal, and crazy things Ezri has eaten (an entire glove!).

The main reason that I met Dane and John to take photos last Friday was to help them with their adoption materials. For almost a year now, Dane and John have been working hard to bring a baby home to call their own. After spending a few hours with Dane and John, these two are more than deserving of a child. I hope they come home with good news--and a whole lot of diapers--soon. Thanks, Dane and John!