Earlier This Year... Part 1

One of my earlier sessions this year was supposed to be a mini-session at Rockville's Glenview Mansion. However, Mother Nature didn't agree and rained it out. Thankfully, two families booked later sessions.

First up, Melissa and Nick with their little guy, Nicholas. Nicholas was almost ready to walk, and he was certainly ready for the camera! WIth great smiles and plenty of energy, Melissa, Nick, and Nicholas were a blast to photograph.

The second famliy to re-book their mini-session was Tom, Jamie, Camryn, and Tyler. These awesome people have been family friends for a long time. In fact, if Tom hadn't gone on paternity leave when Camryn was born, then my wife would have never been a long-term sub where I was working and may have never met her! Even better, my son and Tyler spent a year and a half together as good friends at daycare.

Last for this post are Julie, Christian, Dante, and Luca. Luca was barely one month old, and Dante was just getting used to his role as a big brother. I'll never forget Julie saying, "We haven't been out of the house yet as a family of four!" That was back in April. Now Julie is enjoying her time as a stay-at-home-mom. I photographed this family about three weeks before I was to be in their exact situation as a new dad with a two-year-old and an infant. So far, both families are surviving life with two!

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