Earlier This Year... Part 2

To continue with a little more from my sessions earlier this year...

Jen emailed me with a short-notice request: could I meet in two days to take some surprise photos for a Father's Day gift? Jen's husband was going out of town, so she had a small window to make this happen. Of course I could help! Here are a few of the great photos of Jen, Eva, and Kara.

With Father's Day around the corner, Sara emailed about getting together with her family and her brother's family to take the annual photos for her father. They had used studios and other photographers in the past, but none had the patience to work with little kids, she said. Here's how my afternoon with Sara and the families went! I'd say everyone had a lot of fun!

To finish up the month of May, I met with Joanne, Jeff, Tyler, and Kaden out in Brookeville. There is a family home with a nearby pond and huge fields, so we took advantage of the perfect location. Snoop, their dog, even made his way into a few!

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