The Stone Family

As summer comes to a close (and as I head back to the classroom!), I wanted to share more from the Stone family, among whom is Alli, a fellow MCPS employee and friend. As I wound my way through Brookeville, managing to take a wrong turn or two, I found Alli and Eric and his family at their home, readying themselves for our session together.

I was immediately greeted by Eric, Sr., in a flowing brown wig. As he removed his faux-locks to reveal a hairstyle all-to-similar to mine, I told him that I often surprise my students in class by wearing a wig. His reply? "God made some of us with hair. The rest of us, he made perfect." Amen.

This patriarch wasn't the sole possessor of a great sense of humor. The entire family poked and prodded each other for the entire session. The familial teasing was a blast to be around, clear evidence of a family with personality and love to go around.

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