Danielle and Bobby

I've known Bobby since 4th grade at Brooke Grove Elementary School. He and I used to draw superheroes and other characters together in our free time--truth be told, Bobby was a WAY better artist than I ever was. Little known fact #1: he actually drew some of the art for my poetry and short story book in Ms. Brown's fifth grade class. Little known fact #2: he also drew amazing football player centerpieces for my Bar Mitzvah reception.

But that's enough about Bobby--enter: Danielle.

She has brought beauty and joy and laughter to Bobby's life in a way he could never imagine. In fact, at first it wasn't even meant to be. Danielle didn't even remember meeting Bobby for the first time at a friend's wedding. And Bobby couldn't believe that someone so pretty was actually nice and would even consider talking to him.

When Bobby made his way back to Montgomery County after living in St. Louis, he began to get back in touch with old friends. Danielle was one person he found again, and they've never left each other's side since.

I had a blast photographing Danielle and Bobby at Brookside Gardens earlier this month. Their love and affection was apparent from the start. The best part of the session was each and every laugh that Danielle drew from Bobby. (Believe it or not, she's the funny one!) Danielle and Bobby are two people who deeply enjoy each other's company and love to make each other laugh.

Danielle and Bobby will tie the knot on October 23, 2015. Congratulations to both of them. Here's to many, many years of health and happiness.