The Molloy Family

I have been lucky enough to photograph Emily, John, Declan, and Tristan twice now, once in June and once just a couple of weeks ago. It's amazing to see how the two boys have grown in such a short time. Just look at the difference!

In June, we met near Clopper Lake. What we didn't anticipate was also meeting several hundred gnats. The Molloys were amazing considering the swarm of tiny bugs following us from place to place. But with a huge playground and plenty of room to run, who's going to complain?

With somewhat-cooler weather upon us, we met at Glenview Mansion in mid-September. Tristan was now smiling and sitting up while Declan was still Declan, running and playing and running and playing. (I need to get Declan and my son together for an afternoon--they'd sleep for two days straight once they were finished running!)

As you can imagine, what's especially fun is to see Declan's energy--he is non-stop, camera or no camera. Playgrounds, footballs, fountains, hillsides, fences, benches, stairs, you name it, he is ready to climb it or chase it. Kudos to Emily and John for just keeping up with him. And enjoy the time now with only one on the move. I imagine that it's game over with two running away from--or straight towards!--each other.

I look forward to seeing the Molloys again in November for one more session this fall!

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