Earlier This Year... Part 3 - MCPS Edition

Looking back to late May and early June, I have to thank my MCPS friends and family for these two portrait sessions. As I began this venture, I wasn't quite sure who would be there to support me. I am so thankful that these two families were there for me, both as a photographer and as a teacher.

Up first is Lisa and Ian, an amazing mother and son I have known for years now. Ian was a student of mine in both English 10 and AP Literature. (I also taught Ian's older sister, Amy--I hope she's at our next session!) Here's a story about Ian that tells you who he is in a nutshell: in 10th grade, he suffered a concussion early in the school year. He had to miss a lot of school. While at home, he completed all of the readings and the work that went with them. Upon his return, he picked up right where he left off. With a severe concussion, Ian accomplished what most students dream of. His work ethic and character clearly come from his mother and father. Lisa always supported me as a teacher, emailing kind words or newspaper articles that she said reminded her of my teaching ethos. Her support often confirmed why I became a teacher in the first place. (Oh, and you'll see--their cat joined in on the fun!)

After Lisa and Ian, you'll see portraits of Brian, Ilyssa, and Ethan. I've known Ilyssa since my first year at B-CC. She was a math teacher at the time. I always appreciated her kindness, sense of humor, and realism. B-CC lost a great teacher when she moved on to become a staff development teacher at Churchill. Thankfully she made the move, because she was a great friend and shoulder to lean on for my wife as she began her career as a teacher at Churchill. Most fun about my session with Brian, Ilyssa, and Ethan was getting to know and photograph Ethan. I had been warned: Ethan does not like taking pictures. He probably won't leave his daddy's side. His best school picture was a frown while in the arms of his teacher--not exactly what his parents had hoped for! I think Ilyssa and Brian were pleasantly surprised with the results at our session. :-)

Enjoy these portraits from my ever-supportive MCPS family!