Earlier This Year... Part 4

Here's the fourth and final blog post for sessions that happened earlier this year...

Up first, the Sheldons. This rambunctious group was a blast to photograph. Aiden was full of energy and smiles. Kaitlin had that perfect blend of sweetness and silliness. And Bella was the grown-up of the siblings, getting ready to start high school and lead the way on the field hockey team. All three give their parents a run for their money, that's for sure!

Second are Jamila and Sultan, who I photographed just before their first child would arrive in early July. At first, Sultan said that he felt a little reserved about taking photos, that he wasn't sure I would capture the natural smiles and humor they really wanted. Well, that nervousness lasted all of five minutes--Sultan was quick to joke, to pose, to play, and Jamila just looked at me and said, "Yeah, he's real nervous, isn't he?" We had a beautiful night at Brookside Gardens to capture their amazing memories.

The last family you'll see is the Owens family. Maja and Doug were also expecting a newborn, their second. Though we certainly took some great photos of the expectant Maja, Joshua, their two-year-old, stole the show. Some of the best photos from the day were right as I arrived. Maja and Doug were just finishing up getting ready, so Joshua and I played with the camera. The up-close portraits of Joshua are still some of my favorites.

Enjoy these three amazing families!

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