The Albus and Alexis

As my photography business has gotten off the ground, I've spread the love to my family in Ohio and North Carolina. Truth be told: it's usually easier to photograph families who aren't related to me. For my sessions in Maryland, I'm a novelty, I'm someone to get to know. For family, I'm old news. All the tricks I use to make little ones smile don't work on family--they've seen it all before! Stick out my tongue? Boring. Request a duck face? Not for you, Uncle Aaron. Lucky for me, I have some pretty photogenic in-laws.

I love these photos.

The first set is from an evening with Maribeth, Tim, Olivia, and Jaxon at Mosquito Lake in Cortland, Ohio. As the sun began to set, Olivia and Jax didn't hesitate to make funny faces, smooch their parents' cheeks, or tickle each other to get a smile.

The second set is from a two-part senior photo session with our beautiful niece, Alexis. I met Alexis--along with the rest of the family--almost six years ago, and it's amazing to see how much she has grown. The first part of our session took place at a rainy Dave Grohl Alley in Warren, Ohio. The second part took place in and around the Freedy's house, where we spend long weekends and the Christmas holiday all cozy under one roof.

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