The Niggles Family

Meet Autumn, Andy, and Lachlan (Lach for short!). I met them at the Agricultural History Farm Park in Derwood bright and early one Saturday in October. Lach arrived happy, excited, and ready to take amazing photos. Autumn and Andy might have a future model on their hands--Lach posed and played for the camera like a pro.

These portraits are really special because Lach has a real-life superhero story of his own. At just two days old, Lach had open heart surgery. He was on a full bypass machine to correct a complex congenital heart defect that Autumn and Andy found out about during Autumn's pregnancy. Without the surgery, Lach's chances of survival were zero-percent. To put it in Autumn's words: "He was born blue as a blueberry, 40 percent oxygen." She didn't even get to see him until he was over a day old.

Consider those details and look at the amazing little guy below. With the love of Autumn and Andy that is so clear in these portraits, it's no wonder that Lach is happy, healthy, and thriving. Congrats to Autumn and Andy--and thanks for an amazing photo session!

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