The McTernan Family

We had a beautiful morning at Brookside Gardens for Marissa, Peter, and Hailey in late October. With still-blooming flowers and newly-adorned holiday lights, we had the perfect stage for this great family. We met bright and early on a Saturday, and with good reason: Hailey took over the gardens. Her curious energy was so much fun that morning. And I know as well as anyone: an energetic toddler can make for an eventful portrait session (ask me about our attempted photos with Xavier a few weeks ago...).

Much to Marissa and Peter's surprise, Hailey was a natural for the camera. Did she want to sit on her parents' laps and smile perfectly for the camera? Not always. But did she give some great smiles and perfectly childlike stares into the lens? Absolutely.

I love photographing little kids as they are. I think these photos perfectly capture Hailey at this moment in time. I know Marissa and Peter will look back on this session with fondness. Thank you, Marissa, Peter, and Hailey, for a fantastic portrait session.

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