Jenny, Ted, and Claudia

I met Jenny, Ted, and Claudia at their home one afternoon in early November. As kids tend to do, Claudia led the way for the session. First we made our way to the backyard to pick flowers, kick a ball, and laugh at Lance, their beagle-basset hound mix. Then we were off to the playground down the street. Claudia paused at each parked car along the way to make sure that we knew there was a car. "Car!" she'd remind us--too cute. At the playground, everything was fair game. Slides, swings, dirt, tree stumps, benches, you name it, Claudia wanted to see it. With the sun setting, we headed back home for a calm moment on the couch reading a few books. Following a toddler from home to park back home is exhausting--kudos to Jenny and Ted for keeping up with Claudia! Thanks for a fantastic session. Enjoy!

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