The Crichton Family

A few weeks go, I heard about a new, relatively unknown location in Sandy Spring that's perfect for portraits. Though I'd grown up in Olney since I was five-years-old, I had never--not once--stepped foot on the land devoted to the actual Sandy Spring. Then Stefanie, Mark, Ella, and Allie found me for a photo session. Stefanie had posted to a local message board, and I thought, "That last name is pretty unique. I bet Mark is her husband." Sure enough, I was right--I would be photographing one of my new Rockville High School co-workers and his family. And as coincidence had it, they lived less than a mile from the new location (and had also never even been there!).

As the sun began to set that weekday afternoon, the Crichtons arrived. With perfectly golden light shining through wintry trees and onto the fields near the spring, the Crichtons were picture-perfect for their portraits. I couldn't help saying to myself, "I think I'm photographing a Ralph Lauren ad..." Though Mark and Stefanie were worried about the results--as every set of parents with little ones tends to worry--they were pleasantly surprised to see the youthful smiles and innocent eyes of their daughters enlivening each portrait.

Thanks to Stefanie, Mark, Ella, and Allie for these amazing portraits.

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