Priscila, Lucio, Rico, and Amanda

I met Priscila, Lucio, Rico, and Amanda at their beautiful home in Bethesda on one of the amazingly comfortable weekend days we lucked into this December. While Priscila and Lucio finished getting ready, I headed to the backyard with Rico and Amanda to begin taking pictures. Well-mannered, pleasant, and full of smiles, Rico and Amanda took a few photos together before their parents joined us. I like to keep things moving when I photograph a family with kids, so I suggested that Rico and Amanda play a little bit on their backyard slide and swingset. As they got more comfortable with me, I said, "Okay, Amanda give your brother a big kiss on the cheek." Sibling photo perfection. Then I said, "Okay, Rico, now do the same for Amanda!" He shook his head no. With a small bit of coaxing and maybe a little guilt-tripping, Rico gave Amanda a quick peck--almost too quick for the camera--but not to worry, there is evidence of Rico kissing his sister on the cheek, evidence that is sure to surface at graduations or weddings, I'm sure.

With a few more family formals photographed, we headed to the park down the street. Amanda really shined for the camera, her playfulness on full display. I've said it before, but it is worth repeating: there is something so special about capturing the innocence and joy of these family sessions. I am grateful to Priscila, Lucio, Rico, and Amanda for the opportunity to photograph their amazing family. Enjoy the photos!