The Kravage Family

Just in case anyone familiar with Amy, Steve, Balin, and Matthias are wondering, no, they did not change their last name to combine Amy's Krause and Steve's Savage. Though I'm guessing that anyone familiar with them also knows full well the sense of humor, humility, and craziness that comes with these four. So a combined last name wouldn't throw off friends and family at all.

I met this great foursome at the Matthew Henson trail in mid-December on the warmest day of the month. While this family may have anticipated a winter photo session, they got spring verging on summer. Matthias took the great weather as an opportunity to play soccer for the session, while Balin practiced hamming it up for the camera (though his parents admit that he does not need any practice!).

The laid-back nature of the Kravage quartet made for a fun, relaxed portrait session that yielded the usual smiles and hugs along with a fantastic set of funny face photos. Most families struggle to make one or two silly faces, but these four had no problem. While the smiles and hugs are great, the funny faces really tell the story of the Kravages. (Sorry, Amy and Steve, but I couldn't help but post them!) I hope you enjoy viewing the photos as much as I enjoyed taking them.

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