The Tanouye Family

On a bright, practically-frozen Saturday morning, I met Daphne, Alex, Otis, and August at the Audubon Nature Center in Chevy Chase. As everyone knows, December's weather was up and down, unseasonably warm at times and downright cold at others. As luck would have it, this morning was the coldest morning yet. But did that stop the Tanouyes from taking great photographs? No chance. Otis and August took over the grounds as we walked the pristine lawn and made our way to the "Magical Forest," as Otis told us from his days at camp. No family portrait session is complete without a little dinosaur stomping on the way back from the Magical Forest--thankfully the bird-watching group wasn't too scared by this pack of Spinosauruses. Thanks to the Tanouyes for a great session. Enjoy the photos!