Nora's 1st Birthday

Around here, many of us are still feeling the effects of the storm that blanketed us in three feet of snow. Though many may shudder to think of that pristine expanse of snow from that first day, there is one thing that those wind-swept layers brought to mind: icing on a cake. How fitting is it that only a few days after we began digging out of that icing that I made my way to Germantown to photograph Nora for her first birthday?

Nora's sister, Adelyn, welcomed me inside and helped me set up as we waited for Nora to make her way downstairs. Adelyn showed me some toys (including Elsa, her favorite) and introduced me to both sets of grandparents, who were in town for the birthday bash.

A few minutes later, Nora came downstairs and immediately made herself at home in front of the camera. She crawled and posed and flashed her beautiful brown eyes for the camera time and again. Nora, too, showed me her favorite toys and climbed up and around her favorite chair. Some kids have a difficult time getting comfortable for the camera--not Nora! She was a dream for the entire session.

After we made our way from living room to hallway to bedroom and back down again, it was time for the main event: the cake smash. At first, Nora was a bit apprehensive--what is this thing sitting in front of me and can I really smear it everywhere? As she dug her hands into the frosting, she still wasn't quite sure about the whole cake smash thing, but she eventually smashed her little fingers right in. She even finished the session sitting right on top of the cake!

Thanks again to Kate, Nick, Adelyn, and, of course, Nora, for a great morning. I look forward to seeing the family again in May for family portraits!

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