Spring is Here!

Spring has arrived. The rain has stayed a little longer than I think we all expected, but with the rain comes the new life all around us. How fitting then that my first session this spring was with two new parents and their ten-day-old baby boy.

Photographing this family brought me right back to those early days with my two kids. The tentative way they held their boy, the hushed voices they used to keep baby boy comfortable, the tender, delicate stares from mommy and daddy to baby boy. All of it brought back to me the memory of those same moments. What an honor to be invited to their home to capture these early days as a family.

The next morning brought me to the home of a family with much of what I'm familiar with these days: little ones all craving attention, little feet running in opposite directions, and boundless curiosity. We had a blast picking flowers, throwing footballs, blowing bubbles, and just plain running around.

Thank you to both families for starting my spring photography season with love and joy.