The Molloy Boys Continue to Grow Up

Almost a year after first meeting these two boys, it's safe to say that the brothers complement each other perfectly. As we walked up the stone paths at Glenview Mansion for the second time, Declan was completely in his element. With trees to explore, garden walls to climb, and bushes to hide behind, Declan continued to be his curious self.

Tristan stayed back, surveying the scene. For the first thirty minutes or so, Tristan was content to simply sit and watch everyone, especially his brother. With big blue eyes and a giant smile, Tristan happily observed as we attempted to gather Declan for a brief brother photo.

About halfway through the session, Tristan finally thought it was time to match his brother's energy. A huge stone staircase in front of him, Tristan flexed his crawling muscles and bolted, chasing Declan around the grounds. Declan may be faster now, but Tristan will be running and climbing and chasing alongside soon.

If you missed the photos from their previous sessions, check them out here and here. Thanks again to the Molloys for a great session!

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