Happy 1st Birthday, Lachlan!

A rainy day stuck at home could not keep the smiles off of little Lach's face. With Lach's first birthday right around the corner, I visited him and his parents, Autumn and Andy, in their beautiful home in Olney. You may remember Autumn, Andy, and Lach from this post in the fall. While every first birthday is special, Lach's first birthday marked the anniversary of a true miracle. In fact, the day before we met for photos, the family had just participated in the Congential Heart Walk to support and fund the very research and expertise that helped Lach get past his first difficult day in the world. Lach even saw the doctor that performed his surgery!

At home during our session, Lach played to the camera, flashing his big blue eyes, innocently shrugging his shoulder, and playing with toys and books. Lach happily gave me a tour of his room, showing off a few of his favorite hats and giving me a jumping demonstration in his crib.

The real fun came when Lach was presented with a surprise: a smash cake! After a few tentative swipes at the frosting, Lach had no trouble gobbling up fistful after fistful of scrumptious birthday cake. The icing-smeared grins say it all.

Happy 1st Birthday, Lach. Here's to many more years of smiles, toys, and birthday cake.

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