The Sun Came Out for the Owens Family

It seems like it's been raining for months. Thankfully, the sun came out last Sunday just in time to meet the Owens family at Seneca Creek State Park in Gaithersburg, Maryland. While temperatures may have been in the 50's with winds swirling more than usual (it is May, isn't it?), the sun shined brightly on the playground and its surrounding fields. The Owens family and I enjoyed chilly-but-pleasant conditions for our second session together. Last year, they were a family of three, patiently awaiting the arrival of their baby boy. This time around, I got to meet the fourth Owens, nine-month-old Julius. With a baseball cap and an extra layer on, Julius was ready for the camera.

Before older brother Joshua was too exhausted from the playground--is exhaustion possible for a three-year-old?--we headed towards Clopper Lake and the surrounding trails, a familiar weekend activity for this active family. Joshua led me on down his favorite trail, a circuit through the woods to the lake and back, stopping to climb over logs, spot fish in the lake, and snap a few quick photos with the rest of his family. A posed family photo of four is tough to come by with two little boys, but we managed a few!

Julius was content to stay in his parents' arms and watch Joshua lead the way. Whether he was watching his brother glide down the zipline, sprint across the fields, or discover new paths through the woods, Julius happily tagged along to see what his older brother would discover.

And as proud parents of two boys now, Maja and Doug chased, hugged, sang, and cuddled along the way, ever-content to bask in the happy glow of their boys' energy.

Thanks to Maja, Doug, Joshua, and Julius for a great portrait session. Enjoy the photos!

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