The Merkels in D.C.

A little over a month ago, I met Maggie, Jeff, and little Adelay in Adams Morgan. April and May weekends were a constant downpour of rain, but the end of May brought sunshine. In fact, spring seemed to pass by us altogether in favor of summer temperatures and the infamous D.C.-area humidity. Despite the surprisingly hot morning, Maggie, Jeff, Adelay, and I were simply thankful for some nice weather--we had rescheduled three or four times at this point!

We began our session at a giant mural near Meridian Park. The grounds around the mural had cheerful gardens full of flowers for Adelay to explore. The mural itself was a blend of D.C. culture and nostalgia. (The cassette tapes were a nice touch.)

Adelay had just begun to walk a few weeks prior to our session. With a perfect little dress to match the floral surroundings, Adelay walked the streets of D.C. with confidence, never hesitating to take a look at the flowers in each home’s garden. Adelay cracked us up each time she found a comfortable stoop to sit on. The sidewalks of D.C. were Adelay’s, a flower in her hand, a sweet smile on her face.

As we made our way from the mural to Meridian Park, Maggie and Jeff had Adelay laughing as they chased and played with her. As we entered the park, we left the sidewalks for the stone pathways and towering trees. A favorite place for Maggie, Jeff, and Adelay, Meridian Park was where we finished our session, touring the park and heading for the fountain at the south end. Unfortunately, their favorite Meridian Park fountain hadn’t gotten the memo that the day was beautiful and that we were coming for photos. But that didn’t stop us from capturing plenty of smiles and family time during our session.

Thanks to Maggie, Jeff, and, of course, little Adelay for a great portrait session. Enjoy the photos below.

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