The Lin Family

Sam and Alan are loving life as new parents. They fawn over Ellie, their six-month-old girl, and rightly so. Between her serious stares and gigantic grins, Ellie is a treat to watch as she discovers the world and plays with her mom and dad.

We met at Highbanks Metro Park early on a Saturday morning. We got lucky with a cool breeze and an 80-degree-temperature instead of the blazing 95-degrees we had for the previous few weeks. In the shade of huge trees, the Lins unfurled a blanket and let Ellie be Ellie. Though Ellie may have been skeptical of this new guy in front of her making silly sounds and staring through a camera, that didn't stop her from looking her best for portraits.

Mom and dad didn't look too shabby, either! I think back to when my kids were six-months-old, and I can't imagine that I looked as good or acted as rested as Sam and Alan. Alan might disagree about feeling rested, though. He's surprised at just how tiring it is to be a new dad. (Tell me about it...) But both Sam and Alan agree that they're willing to do just about anything for Ellie, forgoing sleep included.

Sam and Alan love watching Ellie smile and laugh in her swing at home. We hoped to get those same smiles and laughs at our session. Sam knew just what to do: with Ellie on her blanket, Sam rocked her back and forth, back and forth, and Ellie beamed with joy. In the comfort and quiet shade of a picnic area at the farthest reaches of Highbanks Metro Park, the Lins could be themselves, playing, singing, and snuggling with their baby girl.

I could not have asked for a more perfect family to begin my photography journey in Columbus. Many thanks to Sam, Alan, and Ellie for a fun morning. Enjoy the photos!

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