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Processing Portraits in Lightroom

Two years ago, I had no clue how to use Lightroom. In fact, I had only seen the program once when we met with our wedding photographer. Somehow, years later, I remembered what she used, so I decided to dive in and give it a try. Two years later, I've written this post for Improve Photography about how to process portraits in Lightroom.

What you'll find in the article is beyond the basics, so you'll need to be comfortable navigating Lightroom. I don't describe the instructions as if you're a complete beginner. The article is for someone who has played around with Lightroom and now wants to get better and more efficient.

Even if you're not a Lightroom user, you'll still be intrigued to see the Before & After photos I post in the article. I show a side of photography that most of you don't get to see: the unedited photo. Granted, I'm not totally changing an original image, but I do show you how every photo I take gets polished and perfected.

Enjoy the article!

And if you're interested in the rest of my writing for Improve Photography, you can click on this link. Thank you for the support!

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