The Henry Family at Scioto Park

In mid-November, Kristy, Gregg, and little Grady met me at Scioto Park in Powell, Ohio. We had a beautiful evening, golden sun setting over below the trees, a mild temperature, and plenty of space to run around and play.

Not a minute had gone by before the snuggles and giggles began. Grady loves being in his parents' arms as much as he loves running around and exploring. With such curiosity and energy, it's no surprise that Kristy recalled these favorite memories of Grady: "We love watching him experience firsts or react to his favorite things. I remember when Grady first played in the snow and got describe the snow and how cold it was. We love how excited he gets each time he sees a new dog when we are out. We enjoy how his face lights up when experiencing or showing emotions--those are the best memories."

Grady's love for dogs won't be a surprise to anyone--the Henrys have three of their own, shih tzus Bear and Reese and goldendoodle Barkley. Bear and Reese have been in the family for ten years. Kristy told me that "before Grady came along, Bear and Reese were our babies. We treated them like our children (still do!)." The Henrys rescued Barkley from a puppy mill one year before Grady was born. Kristy had always wanted a big dog, having grown up with small dogs. She admits, though, that Barkley acts like he is small, perhaps taking a cue from Bear and Reese, and "he is such a Daddy’s boy, following Gregg everywhere." Scroll down to see just how much Barkley loves Gregg--I promise, it's worth it.

By the end of our session together, Grady still had plenty of energy. While his parents and I may have been finished, he was content to climb all over the playground until the sun went down. But Kristy and Gregg had a way out: ice cream at Graeter's. With the promise of a smooth scoop ahead, Grady followed his parents to the car and settled in with Bear, Reese, and Barkley.

Many thanks to the Henrys for a wonderful session. Enjoy the photos!