"Leper Colony - Love, Laughter & Photos" My Article with Kevin Kuster

My article today on Improve Photography is a special collaboration with Kevin Kuster, Chief Creative Director of Watts of Love, CEO of #jjcommunity, and former-Senior Photography Editor of Playboy. Jim Harmer, the owner of Improve Photography, asked me to work with Kuster to write a piece detailing his charity project called "Leper Colony - Love, Laughter & Photos." You'll read a heartfelt story, get great tips for portrait photographers, and see amazing photography.

Read the article here.

I could not be more honored to collaborate with such an accomplished photographer about a meaningful project that combines the best in humanity with photography. During this giving season, consider donating to Kuster's GoFundMe project so that he can return to the leper colony and finish his work.

Thank you, Kevin, for giving me the chance to write about this story.

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