The Wiltrout Family - Inniswood Botanical Garden

On a mild Monday morning in October, I met Andrea and her family at Inniswood Botanical Garden and Nature Preserve in Westerville. Andrea is a fellow Columbus Moms Blog writer. (She also writes her own blog, which you can find here.) She and her husband Chad have three amazing kids, the oldest of which are twins. With perfect sun and an amazing fall backdrop, we strolled to our first photo location.

I always do the full family photos first--you just never know how long you'll have before little kids expire. As I began to gather Chad, David, and Addy for the group shot, Andrea took baby Andrew out of the stroller. And wouldn't you know it--big baby blowout. We're talking up the back and out the legs. And they thought they'd have an easy photo session, right? But Andrea and Chad were on it, changing and cleaning Andrew in midair, saving his coordinated outfit for the rest of the session.

With mom and dad occupied, I had the perfect opportunity for some photos with the twins. A few smiles and candids later, I had some amazing photos of David and Addy. Having a few minutes with them without their parents kept things relaxed. Now we were ready for some group photos.

Since it was Monday morning, we had Inniswood to ourselves, a rarity in October. We explored my favorite boardwalk through the woods and everyone's favorite waterfall. By keeping things moving, the kids could have fun, and I could capture them at their most curious and playful.

We had so much fun together that we set up a playdate for the following week. Xavier and Violet loved meeting new friends and playing with their collection of Paw Patrol toys. As our kids played together, Andrea said, "I'm convinced the show exists only to sell the toys." Truer words were never said. At least we're in this together, right? Since we have years and years of cartoons and matching toys ahead of us, it's great to have a friend to share it all with.

Thank you to the Wiltrouts for a great session. Enjoy their beautiful photos.