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Tips for Useful Writing for Clients

One way to become a better writer is to be an English teacher. After ten years, you'll have the following experiences day-in and day-out:

1. You'll write more emails than you can imagine, especially to people who need something or who are upset (either with you or with someone else). Writing countless emails to superiors and to parents honed my skills in email tone, organization, and style.

2. You'll read great writing examples. Whether I was teaching poetry, fiction, or non-fiction, I always had the writing example of authors who were leaps and bounds better than myself. And all of those grammar warm-ups when I plucked a sentence from a text, broke it down, and helped kids understand its amazingness helped me, too.

3. You'll read a ton of bad writing. Grading writing is the toughest (and probably the worst) part of being an English teacher. Basic grammar and spelling errors are annoying, but inattention to and lack of consideration for clarity, structure, and the reader often make student writing a murky swamp of boredom and frustration. I would often put a handful of essays from good writers both at the beginning and the end, just so I was happy to start and finish.

Combine those three experiences to get confidence as a communicator with photography clients. My article that published today on Improve Photography explains a few of the ways you can be a better communicator and how your communication can help your business grow and succeed. Click here for the article.

If you'd like to read more of my writing, click here.

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