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Go Read This New Website - I Write For It!

In case you missed the news, several photographer friends of mine and I launched a new website on August 1, 2017, called Photographers' Cooperative. We created the website as a place to share photography knowledge with the world and to share each other's amazing work. We each write original articles for the site, share photos and the stories behind them, and pass on other articles we find useful and enlightening.

I've published four articles as of today, my most recent being an article about the aperture setting on your camera. My aperture article provides the basic knowledge anyone, even a beginner, should know about aperture.

Check it out my aperture basics article here.

Our website and our following continue to grow. We are grateful for all of the support. We especially enjoy the discussion we have over on the Facebook Group. Photographers of all skill levels and genres ask questions, share photos, and provide help. Join us here.

You can find my previously published articles on the Co-op at the links below:

Writing about photography pushes me to be a better photographer. My skills improve, my knowledge broadens, and my connection to other photographers strengthens. Enjoy reading our work!

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