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Review - Aeron Nersoya's Photographic Journey

Photography is storytelling. The little moment, the fleeting glance or connection, the humor and the reflection. Aeron Nersoya's new ebook Photographic Journey provides readers with a blended experience: each photograph is accompanied by a telling detail, a thoughtful phrase, a reflection. Travel through Nersoya's journey as he weaves a story of humankind.

Nersoya's narration provides that little extra bit of clarity and nuance to his candid images. Nersoya's goal is to provide his viewers and readers with a "glimpse of ordinary people with extraordinary worth." Often the photos are of people alone or in pairs, contemplating the world around them, moving through space and time without the mask that awareness of audience brings. The photos are real, the descriptions are thought-provoking.

For the budding photographer, Nersoya invites you in to study mood and composition. For the experienced photographer, the one always looking for perfection (typically, that's me), the photos are an excellent reminder of how beautiful and meaningful a sliver of life can be. Not every photo must be lit with a studio strobe, not every moment needs to be posed to perfection.

Nersoya shows the reader that a watchful eye in tune with the beating heart of the world can yield exciting, contemplative photographs.

Photographic Journey should also give readers great inspiration for a photography project. Nersoya matches words with photos in surprisingly delightful ways. The caption always comes first, which gives the reader a greater sense of story and purpose when viewing each subsequent photo. I would challenge any photographer to try the same project. Who knows--perhaps #photographicjourney might become an inspiration to blend photos and words.

Any photographer looking for inspiration will find it in Aeron Nersoya's Photographic Journey. After you read Nersoya's text, pick up your camera and challenge yourself to find the extraordinary in the ordinary.

Thank you to Aeron Nersoya for providing a copy of Photographic Journey to review.

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