The Experience

First: We'll plan together and get to know each other. 


The first thing we'll do together is talk about why you're with me for a session. You'll tell me why you're doing a portrait session. I'll learn about you and help brainstorm ideas for our session together.

We'll talk about your desires for prints or albums or wall art. We'll figure out where you'd like your photos to be once we're done. We might measure walls as we walk around your home. We might make a list of family members and gifts. I'll have samples of every print product I offer, and I'll show why each is the absolute highest in quality. Once you hold in your hands each print, you'll want a little of everything.


Our time planning together will also be my first chance to really learn about you and anyone else joining us for the session. For example, if you're coming to me for family photos, I might ask, "What do you like to do together? What special hobbies or interests does everyone share or cultivate on their own? What favorite qualities do you hope to capture in photos?"


From this first step, the experience is all about you. I'll be there to fulfill your desires, to alleviate your worries, and to help plan the details of an amazing session.

Second: We'll create photos (and have fun!) at your session.


We'll meet at the location of your choosing and have a blast creating photographs that showcase your personality, your style, and life right now. I work quickly and efficiently to make sure we have fun and create beautiful photos. I'll be a watchful eye when it comes to jewelry or buttons, hair or makeup, collars or shoes. 

I'll also help pose to make sure you look your best and feel comfortable. Worried about what to do with your hands? (Everyone worries about that.) I'll tell you exactly what to do. Worried about photographing your best side? I'll make sure you look amazing. Is your toddler having a stage-5 meltdown? Don't worry: I have three kids, all age five and under. I can weather a meltdown and turn things around in an instant. (Clients often say to me, "I thought that was a disaster. I can't believe you got so many amazing photos.)

We'll move quickly, and we'll create lots of photos. You'll leave your session thinking, "That was so fun!"

Third: We'll see your photos at our reveal and sales meeting.


After I have prepared your images, we'll have a great time together viewing your photos for the first time. I'll come to your home, and we'll look at your gallery together. You'll be able to take your time in the comfort of your home. I'll have my samples with me again, so you can truly envision how each photo will make its way into your life.


You'll select exactly which images you want. We'll work together to decide what to display on the walls of your home and which photos you'll add to the pages of your albums. Our photo reveal will also be our sales meeting, so every choice will be made final at this meeting.


We'll work together to put together the perfect collection of artwork to preserve this moment in your life. 


Fourth: You'll enjoy your prints, wall art, and albums.

I'll hand-deliver your prints, wall art, and albums. Everything will come packaged perfectly and to impress. The moment you hold your photos in your hands will be a rush of joy. (Tears and gasps are not uncommon!) I'll make sure every product is perfect so that you know you're getting the absolute best.


You'll enjoy everything about your photos, especially presenting them to friends and family and preserving them for future generations. 

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