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The Power of Print

Think about your family photos. Your screens give you instant access. You can share and shares some more on social media. You can store unlimited memories in the cloud. But what happens once your photos have gotten a few likes and comments? You flick photos left and right, but then what? And what about those digital files--will your grandchildren have reliable access to them?


Think about it: you live in a world of digital impermanence. I'm here to help make your memories permanent.

Together we will create natural, vivid photographs to present in superior prints and albums so that you can preserve your memories as heirlooms for generations.



You have plenty of photos of your kids. Your phone is full of ice cream shop visits, playdates, and vacation photos. Your social media feed is a tidal wave of photo after photo after photo. But when is the last time you were wowed by a photo?


Don't get me wrong, I scroll through social media with the best of them. I post plenty of photos of my kids, too. I don't really linger on photos too much--most get a quick like, a quick double-tap, and a vague comment about how cute or amazing it is. But certain moments in my life have deserved better.


The big occasions deserve more, of course. A wedding, a birth, a tradition, a celebration. Everyday life deserves more, too. Your family's favorite park, your morning routine, or just your family running around and enjoying each other's company. Those are the photos I love most of my family. Playing outside and being ourselves at home. 

Your life deserves beautiful photos with vivid colors and stunning light. I'm here to help you create those gorgeous memories.



Think about your social media feed. Those daily snapshots and formal portraits that got some likes and comments? Did anyone spend more than a second or two looking at them before scrolling by? And when did you last spend real quality time looking at your family photos? Screens and scrolling give fleeting joy. 


Give yourself, your family, and your friends a chance to pause and really see your photographs.


Present a work of art on your walls. Imagine the pride your family will have when they see your custom-framed collage. Every time I put up a new photo of my kids, they smile from ear to ear and say, "That's me!" When I visit someone's home, I immediately walk to the walls and shelves to spend time with their photos. I've walked around my parents' first floor time after time soaking in the generations. When we put your photos on your walls, they become a permanent presence in your life. They become part of your home, part of your family. 


Sit with an album. Imagine the warmth as you snuggle with your family, feel the pages, and experience your memories. When a new album comes to our door, my kids can't contain themselves. I love having both kids on my lap as they flip the pages and feel the faces of our family. And you know that one of the best parts about visiting grandparents is finding the albums and sitting with your memories. 


Your life should be seen on your walls and held in your hands. I'm here to help you present your memories.



All those photos on your phone, computer,  and social media--where will they be in thirty years? When it's time to pass on family photos, will you hand your kids a hard drive? Will their computers even be able to load the photos? Will you give them your Facebook or Instagram login and say, "Here's your childhood"? Will Facebook and Instagram even exist? (MySpace, anyone?)

Hard drives and JPEGs won't last forever. I have over 101,000 photos on my computer. I've had a hard drive crash--that was a sincere moment of panic. Thankfully, I have backup copies. But that's not enough. What will our kids even do with a hard drive anyway? (What are you doing with your grandparents' slides?) What will survive?


What can you hand down to your children and grandchildren? A frame. A canvas. An album. Think about it--what do you protect most in your home? What would you grab in an emergency? I would rush for my wedding album, our shelf of family albums, and the special photos of my family. I know you would do the same.


Your kids and grandkids should get frames and albums, not hard drives and passwords. I'm here to help you preserve your memories.

"Our biggest fear was that things during the shoot would feel "awkward." This definitely did NOT come true. Aaron put us at ease from the very beginning and made us comfortable in front of the camera by being himself! He's professional but relaxed and casual. He has a fantastic knack for getting us to be ourselves."

- Autumn, Andy, and Lach

"I’m not used to having my picture taken, so for me it was definitely out of my comfort zone. Working with Aaron made me feel at ease while having my picture taken."

- Melissa and Brian

"The best part about the session was that it was fun! Normally photo shoots have been exhausting for us. While we were tired for sure, this time was a good tired. We had a great time laughing, watching the kids, and playing."

- April, Todd, Soleil, Skyla, and Summer

"Aaron is a warm, funny and easy going photographer. The session will be fun, flexible and natural - did I say fun? You will cherish the photos."

- Nina, Jeff, Benjamin, and Sammy 

One More Thing...


Think about your life today. Your photos of your family have mostly been taken with your phone. You've probably hired a photographer here and there for special occasions. But even those photos are just sitting on a hard drive or forgotten long ago on your social media feed. Think about how your photos are seen, too. Your photos flick by on a screen. Often they're no bigger than a business card. Most of your photos are small and fleeting. And where will those photos be in twenty or thirty years? If they're digital, then your guess is as good as mine.

Now imagine your life after a session with me as your guide. You'll have natural photographs with vivid color and stunning light. You'll have photos that will make everyone stop and look. Even better, your photos will be presented on your walls and your shelves, so your family and friends can truly admire them. You'll be able to share time sitting with family and friends as you turn the pages through your album. Finally, you'll have family heirlooms to pass down from generation to generation. The canvas on your wall, the album in your hand, they'll also be on the walls and in the hands of your grandchildren.

Your life deserves beautiful photos created for superior wall art and albums. It's time for a session with me. I look forward to helping you create, present, and preserve your memories.

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