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Family | Columbus, Ohio

Pricing and Session Details

Packages that include print and digital start at $1,575

Session deposit of $500 due to reserve your session. The entire deposit goes towards your final purchase.

The basics of a session:
- Photography session can be on-location or at studio (or both!)
- I always do a consultation before the session to learn about you, set goals, and tell you more about what I offer.
- After the session we do a photo reveal and personalized sales session where final decisions and purchases are made.
- All purchased portraits are professionally retouched.

*The matching digital images are included for each print purchased.

**Package prices do not include 7% Delaware County sales tax.

Email me at or call/text 301-641-4261 to get started.

Imagine your home. There's a big wall of family photos, custom printed on the finest art paper. There's a shelf of luxurious albums preserving each year of your family's memories. You even have an heirloom box of prints ready as a gift for your child on their wedding day.


Look at that wall in your mind. Look next to you and see your family and friends soaking in those memories. Feel your kids lean into you as you all sit with an album on your lap. Imagine the tears welling as your child opens that heirloom box for the first time and sees childhood unfold again, print by print.

That's how you should experience your family photographs.

The problem is, you are busy. You don't have time to print your family photos. You haven't made an album, hung up a new canvas, or even had a photo session in years. Deep down, you're afraid that your family photos will be lost on a hard drive forever.


With Aaron Taylor Photography, you're finally in the right place. I am a one-stop custom family photography experience: the session, printing, delivery, installation, I do it all for you. I'll help you create the custom prints and heirloom albums that you've always wanted.

You live a busy life. You take pride in your work, you have plenty of fun, and you're raising a beautiful family. Photos are important to you. Your phone is full of them. But sometimes you want something more than a snapshot. You want a professional who can create a beautiful, lasting memory, capturing this moment in time. 


You also want more from your professional family photos. You want frames to display and albums to hold. You want your shelves, counters, and desks to be filled with photos. You want your family photos to be heirlooms, cherished for generations.

The problem is that you don't have the time. You're busy leading an amazing life: work, sports, kids, tutoring, date-nights, concerts, weekend excursions, you name it. Where are you going to get the time for a professional photo session and then sit down and print all of those photos?

That's where I come in. 

I am here to help you create beautiful memories to print, display, and cherish. From our initial consultation to the moment you are flipping through an album or admiring a wall collage, I do it all for you. Too many photographers leave the job unfinished, giving their clients more work to do in the end.


Not me.

At our initial consultation, I will guide you through print products, paper choices, album spreads, gifts, collages, and more. You'll come away wishing you had more walls and more shelves for all of your future prints and albums.


At our photo session, I will pose, light, and create beautiful photos with ease. You'll enjoy a comfortable, lighthearted session full of laughter and fun.

At our reveal session, we'll hand-select the best photos from your session, the photos that truly capture your family as they are right now. You'll see your photos for the first time and order exactly what you want.


If you order wall art, I'll hang it for you. If you order gifts, they'll come wrapped in boutique packaging. 

With me as your photographer, you'll have an expert guide who will finish the job, so you can continue that amazing life of yours without worrying about creating your family heirlooms.


If family photography prints, wall displays, gifts, and heirlooms are important to you but you just don't have time to create them, then I'm the photographer for you.

If you want to take home heirlooms and keep your time, then look no further than Aaron Taylor Photography.

Email me at or call/text 301-641-4261 to get started.

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