Headshots and Personal Branding | Columbus, Ohio

Your portrait is your brand. Your portrait is your business, your attitude, your values and principles. Your portrait is you. And it's everywhere--your social media profile photo, your email logo, your business card, your website, your phone contact.


You need professional headshots that define your brand. A cropped photo from a family portrait or a selfie just won't cut it. Your competition knows that, and so do you. That's where I come in. 


You and I will create the perfect headshots for you and your brand. You'll visit me at my studio, we'll spend an hour or so together, and you'll have the best portraits of yourself that you've ever seen.

Every point of contact between you and your clients deserves an accompanying headshot that represents you and your brand. Your email logo should match your social media, which should also match every piece of your marketing. You deserve the best portraits. You and I will create the best portraits you've ever had of yourself. 


Email me contact@aarontaylorphoto.com or call/text me 301-641-4261 today.


Pricing Details

Session Fee - $150 
- photography session on-location or at studio
- pre-consultation
- in-person photo reveal and personalized sales session
- professional retouching of all purchased photographs
- all digital images are purchases separately

Digital Package 1 - $750

- three digital images

Digital Package 2 - $1,000

- five digital images

Digital Package 2 - $1,750

- ten digital images

What do you get?

When it says "single digital portrait" or "five digital images" in the pricing details above, you actually get much more than that. For each portrait, you will get several different sizes, each with a specific purpose.


1. You'll get a square portrait, which is perfect for your profile photo and email logo.


2. You'll get a vertical orientation, which is perfect for Instagram. In fact, the vertical portrait will be sized perfectly for Instagram so that you don't lose any of the image.

3. Depending on your session location, you'll get two different "banner" sizes, each with plenty of space for a company logo, a signature, your name, or special copy for a current offer or news item. The banner sizes are great for your Facebook cover photo. If we are creating outdoors, you the banner crop may not be possible.

4. Finally, you'll get all of those in color and black-and-white. 

That means that one portrait is actually six-to-eight different digital images, ready to be used wherever you need them.