Your headshot is your brand. Your headshot is your business, your attitude, your values and principles. Your headshot is you. And it's everywhere--your social media profile photo, your email avatar, your business card, your website, your phone contact.


You need a professional headshot that defines your brand. A cropped photo from a family portrait or a selfie just won't cut it. Your competition knows that, and so do you. That's where I come in. 

Giving you a perfect headshot, fast.

Not only will I provide the perfect headshot for you and your brand, but I'll come to you and do it quickly. You won't get stuck in traffic driving to a studio, and you won't wait weeks to get your headshot. I can create a professional headshot at your home, your office, or even a park or alley in the middle of town. (One of the headshots below uses a bathroom as a backdrop--can you guess which one?)

Every point of contact between you and your clients deserves an accompanying headshot that represents you and your brand. Your email avatar should match your social media, which should also match every piece of your marketing. You deserve the perfect headshot, and you deserve it fast. Aaron Taylor Photography will do just that.


Personal headshot photography is $205 per person. Your session fee covers the session itself as well as full print and usage permission for your images. Sessions tend to last 30-45 minutes per person. Clients should expect 2-4 photographs, including black-and-white versions and alternate crop orientations.

I also cater to businesses looking to update team photos. Each team photo session fee requires a $200 reservation fee and a subsequent $125 per-headshot. Group photos and other office photography are additional and will be quoted based on the needs of each individual business.

Giving you a perfect headshot, fast.

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