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I'm Aaron. I'm a dad, a photographer, an educator, a writer, and a coffee drinker. I love meeting new people and helping them look their best.

After 32 years living in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area, I settled in Columbus, Ohio, in 2016. Before my family and I moved to the Buckeye State, we started things in Olney, Maryland, where I was also raised since 1989. I find constant love, support, and motivation from my wife, Megan, my kids, Xavier, Violet, and Avi. 

I know that most people don't like sitting for photos. And I know that kids often have about 20 minutes of attention before it's time to move on. I take pride in making everyone comfortable, having fun, and giving you the best photos you've ever had of yourself. 

There's something special about spending an hour or so with someone creating portraits and learning their story. I relish the opportunity to slow down with someone, to see them, and to help them be seen. 


I can't wait to create with you and tell your story.

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