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In-Person and Online Mentoring

One-on-One Mentoring

$90 per 1 hour lesson
$250 for a series of three lessons

I began to learn how to use my "nice camera" so I could take better photos of my kids. With all of this great technology at my fingertips, I wanted to fill our home with amazing photos. My one-on-one mentoring is aimed to help you move your camera dial off of "auto." Take control of your camera and start creating the photos you've always wanted to make.


Early on we'll go over the "exposure triangle," learning the foundation of aperture, shutter speed, and ISO. Every photo you create comes down to manipulating the exposure triangle to produce the results you want. Soon enough, you'll be using Manual mode and wondering why you ever used an automatic mode to begin with!

As we discuss the fundamentals of the exposure triangle, we'll also learn how to use auto-focus properly and how to hold the camera. Yes, there's a right way to hold your camera! 

We'll soon move to discussing lenses and focal lengths. The beautifully blurred out background you love so much in portraits? Knowing your lens will help you create beautiful portraits with that same look.


When you're ready, I will introduce the skill that will significantly improve your photography: using a professional flash. Nothing improved my photos more than knowing how to use a flash. We'll learn how to use your flash, what settings to use, where to put your flash, where to aim your flash, and how to use flash modifiers.


As we talk flash, our sessions will turn to the most important topic in photography: LIGHT. While the technical specifics of your camera are important, a true eye and understanding of LIGHT is what separates a novice from a pro.

As we progress, you'll learn about composition, using the frame to guide your compositions, posing, and how to lead your viewer's eye through a photo. As you can see, photography might have a small number of foundation skills, but the learning is endless. That's what is so fun for me about photography: as soon as I master one skill, there are ten more to learn!


As you fill your photo stream and hard drive with photos, you'll inevitably want to learn how to polish your photos with photo editing software like Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. Every photo you take will benefit from a little editing. Modest polishing from a boost in contrast, selective "dodging and burning," and other adjustments can take a good photo and make it great. 

If you're a hobbyist photographer looking to make a little extra money with your camera, learning how to edit is a major step towards professional success. Editing isn't a total overhaul of an image, either. We aren't moving mountains or anything. Slight adjustments throughout an image will make your photos rise above the crowd.


In the end, I create a custom curriculum for each student. We learn at your pace and practice the skills you are most interested in. You will always have direct digital access to me, whether through email or other social media channels. Our lessons don't end when the hour is over--I'm always excited to help any time!

If you're ready to take control of your photography and to create beautiful photos, then it's time for one-on-one mentoring. Click the "Contact Me" button at the top or bottom of the page and let's schedule a session today!

Not in the Columbus, Ohio, area? We can do so much via video chat! Fill out my contact form, and we'll see if we can get started soon!
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