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Photography Holiday Gift Buying Guide 2018

The photographers at Photographers' Cooperative (myself included!) just released a 2018 Photography Holiday Buying Guide. With a range of gifts from $5 to $16,000--and a plethora in between--you'll find exactly what the photographer in your life needs this holiday season.

Whether you're a portrait artist, a landscape photographer, or a hobbyist at home with kids and pets, there's something on this list for you.

I love Alyce Bender's first entry, the $7.99 memory card holder. If you've been doing digital photography for long enough, then you probably have a stash of memory cards floating around a camera bag. Keep track of each one and protect them with Alyce's suggestion.

Tracy Munson's selection at $14.99 is perfect for the budding photographer looking to do more with a smartphone. Maybe you don't have a big, fancy DSLR. Maybe you use your phone's camera for everything. These days, phone cameras are pretty amazing. Give yourself some creative options with Tracy's clip-on lens suggestion.

I'll highlight one more suggestion, the $69.59 Yongnuo 560iv flash suggested by Brian Pex. I began my exploration of flash with the YN560iv. The YN560iv is a bare-bones manual flash. No fancy features or bells and whistles, just a flash. Starting the flash journey with a simple flash like the YN560iv will force you to learn the foundation skills of manipulating light. Plus, for around $70, you don't have to invest too much to begin learning. I would suggest adding the YN560TX trigger to the purchase, though. Give yourself the ability to play with off-camera flash.

(Want some help learning that new flash? Click here and start reading my resources!)

Of course, you should also read each of my suggestions on the list, but I'll save those for when you click here to check out the gift buying guide.

Oh, and if you want to buy me the last suggestion I have on the list, I wouldn't be disappointed. :-)

Happy Holidays!

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