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Meet Artisan Dance Studio

Updated: Nov 30, 2021

Every time I see Jessica Kehn, owner and instructor at Artisan Dance Studio in Clintonville, Ohio, I get excited. I know we're about to create something amazing together. Whether we are on top of a garage in Downtown Columbus with the competition team or at Northland Performing Arts Center creating team and individual photos at the end-of-year recital, I know that Jessica and I will have something awesome in the end.

Established in 2012, Artisan Dance Studio prides itself on providing "Dance for Everyone." All ages and abilities are welcome at Artisan. That sense of openness and excitement for dance radiates from every instructor and student you meet at Artisan.

With so many youth, adult, and performance options, Artisan has everything you need to follow your dance passion, to hone your skills, and to just enjoy dance for the sake of dance. Maybe you're ready for the competition team? Or maybe you'd like to join the Ballet Company? Perhaps you want to learn a little more jazz or tap. Or maybe you danced long ago and want to reignite your passion. No matter what, Artisan has a class for you.

Don't just take my word for how amazing Artisan Dance Studio is--read what their dancers say!

Check out everything Artisan Dance Studio has to offer at their webpage:

Maybe you're asking, "Aaron, where do you play a part here?" Great question.

First, you'll see plenty of my photography on their website. (That first image you see? That's mine.) When you walk through the doors at the studio in Clintonville, you'll see four huge metal prints I created with some of the members of the competition team. (Those metal prints really are cool--you should go to the studio just to see them.)

I am also constantly working with Jessica and her dancers on projects to create impactful portraits. There's nothing like a beautiful portrait of a dancer to captivate the eye. Take a look below at some of what we've created.

In addition to our creative work together, I also create team and individual portraits at the end-of-year recital in June. Take a look at some of the past portraits.

I am so grateful for the partnership I have with Artisan Dance Studio. I can't wait to see what else we do together in the future!

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