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Your Small Business Photography Should Tell a Story

As a small business, you probably have a few standard photos of your product, maybe your storefront and salesroom, and a headshot for you and some of your employees. If a small business budgets for photography (and that's often a big IF), product and headshots are typical.

Those photos might help move a little product or make a sale or two, but they don't do one important thing. They don't tell a story.

They don't create a brand, they don't create a vision, they don't put your customer at the center of your business.

Your small business needs photography that tells the story of your company. You need photography that puts the client front and center, interacting with your brand, showing the emotional connection they have to your product.

That's where I come in.

I'm excited and ready to help you create brand photography that tells the story of your ideal client living with your product. If you only had one photo to convey what your brand means, what your client feels about your brand, what your product provides for your ideal customer, what would that photo look like? (Hint: it should involve people.)

That's the photo I can help you create.

Here's one I did with Crazy Richard's Peanut Butter Co. Take a look. You know exactly who they want buying their product and how their product makes them feel.

Or this one for Artisan Dance Studio. If you take a dance class at Artisan, what can you expect based on just this photo?

Can I create pristine product photos and professional headshots? Absolutely. But I'm more interested in taking your business's photography to the next level. I'm interested in helping you tell a story.

Consider the photo below. It's one photo that tells you exactly what you need to know about the owner of Crazy Richard's Peanut Butter Co. You know she is dedicated to service, you know she works with kids, and you know she brings smiles.

Look at your website and social media feed. Can you identify the one photo that represents the story of your business? Is there one photo that tells your personal story? Most importantly, what's the one photo that defines the experience your ideal client has with your brand?

If you don't have those three photos, then we should talk. I'm ready to help.

Email or call/text 301-641-4261 to start telling your story.

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