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Featured on What Should We Do Today? Columbus

When we moved to Columbus almost three years ago, we didn't really know quite how good we would have it. But this town does so many things right, especially for young families. From libraries to parks to local businesses, there's so much here in Columbus. I sometimes hear Columbus described as a big city with a small town feel. I'd say that description is spot on.

One of the resources my family uses to take advantage of all of the great family events and resources in Columbus is "What Should We Do Today? Columbus." Julie's blog is full of free events, top ten lists, and all around great stuff for families. (Julie is also a great person, so that helps, too!)

Each month, Julie asks for a local mom or dad to share their love for Columbus in a post called "3 Places I Love to Take My Kids in Columbus." About a week ago, Julie published my contribution to the feature! I'm so grateful to be published among the other featured parents. You are going to love my choices, too.

Any guesses on my three places? I'll give you some hints. The first involves a drive-up window. The second has zip lines. And the third might hoot to get your attention.

The photos below might also help you figure out one of our favorites. :-)

Thanks, Julie, for the feature!

Here's to Worthington Libraries Northwest Library Branch, ZipZone Outdoor Adventures, and Hoot Studio for being three of favorite places to visit in Columbus.

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