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Guest Appearance on Master Photography Podcast Talking In-Person Sales

Updated: Nov 26, 2021

I want to say a big "THANK YOU!" to Jeff Harmon for hosting the Master Photography Podcast and having me as a guest for the October 3, 2019, episode about In-Person Sales. We had a great conversation about what exactly in-person sales entails, what kind of photographer would benefit from in-person sales, and tips for getting started in sales.

Jeff is a self-described "hobbyist" photographer who isn't looking to make a business of his hobby. He loves photography and enjoys teaching others. (He's also a tech wiz. Check out his other podcast, Photo Taco, for amazing technical teachings about photography.)

Although Jeff isn't looking to expand his hobby into a business, he recognized that a huge segment of his podcast audience is just like me: a weekend warrior photographer with a full-time job during the week. Jeff and I chatted for an hour about how this kind of photographer can maximize profit and build a photography business for sustainability and the future.

I transitioned my business to an in-person sales model two years ago. Nothing has improved my business more than learning about and becoming better at in-person sales. As I made the transition and gained experience, I wrote several articles about in-person. Click the links below to read more:

Appropriately, a client's album from one of my recent in-person sales sessions arrived today. They purchased a 10x10 keepsake album, complete with silver-gilded thick pages on premium photo paper. The sand-colored linen cover is a soft, classy finish for this family's newest heirloom. The photos below show off just how amazing this family's album is.

To listen to my guest appearance on the Master Photography Podcast with Jeff Harmon, click here!

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