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Family Portraits at M.L. Red Trabue Nature Reserve

Updated: Sep 10, 2021

A few weeks ago, I found my new favorite fall portrait location. It's a park in Dublin called M. L. Red Trabue Nature Reserve. What a hidden gem this place is. It's nestled between a retirement home and a condo complex on Post Road, just west of Avery-Muirfield Drive. You could drive right past the entrance and never know that it's there. But just a few hundred feet off of Post Road and you come to the perfect location for outdoor portraits.

While the log cabin just inside the park is surely to pique your curiosity, the tall trees on the path just before the cabin make for a backdrop. And since this park isn't as populated as your typical Metro Park, the paths were generally still covered in leaves when this family joined me for family portraits.

What you won't see in this set of portraits is a great bridge with overhanding trees, a winding path edged with wild grasses and flowers, and a pond with a small dock. (I'll post another session with the pond. The dreamy reflection of the brightly colored trees in the pond was yet another reason this place is my new favorite location.)

Instead of wandering through the park to find the bridge and pond, this family and I found a hidden path to a stone bench that was perfect for posing as a family. It's always a treat for me to spend time with the Lams for their fall family portraits. Last year we went to Highbanks Metro Park, which is always beautiful. But this year's photos at M. L. Red Trabue Nature Reserve are even better. Enjoy!

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