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Favorite Columbus Photo Locations - LeVeque Tower Garage

Located in downtown Columbus, the LeVeque Tower Garage is one of the first places I was introduced to when I moved to Columbus. A local photographer had a studio just down the street, and he took me to the garage when I visited him to shadow a session. When it comes to downtown views, it doesn’t get much better than the LeVeque Tower Garage.

Here is what the LeVeque Tower Garage has to offer:

An expansive view of the skyline and sunset.

My favorite time of day to head to the garage is at golden hour. Just put your subject’s back to the sun and enjoy the massive view of the sky. But the top level of the garage is great at just about any time of day. You can use the buildings to the east or south as a perfect city backdrop.

Gritty texture for studio-like portraits.

If you head to any middle level, you can use the concrete walls near the elevator or any concrete support as a headshot backdrop. Years of texture and use help make every wall perfect for a rich, gritty backdrop. Just make sure to pay attention to where your light is coming from. During the day, you can usually find light bouncing off the buildings from the south, and you can use golden hour to the west in the late afternoon and evening.

Street-level variety.

Once you’re done with the garage itself, just walk around the city and find the perfect alley, green space, or building for your next background. There’s no end to the variety that you can find downtown. Use the government buildings, the murals, or just your typical sidewalk or storefront to give your client a session full of variety and character.

When I visit the garage, I find it easiest to just park in the garage. That way, I can just drive to the top and be ready with my gear. However, depending on the day, you can find free parking on the street. I just wouldn’t count on it. Spend the parking money for ease and convenience!

The biggest advice that I can give for a session downtown is don’t be afraid to change your angle and walk around a bit. You never know what slice of background will give you just the right composition for your next best portrait!

If you’re ready for your session with me downtown at the LeVeque Tower Garage, then click the Contact Me button below to get started.

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