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Photography and Parenting

Are you learning how to be a better photographer? I have so many blog posts for the skills you need to improve. Want to know how to photograph in natural light? I have a blog for you. Just bought your first flash and want to know how to use it? I've got you covered! 
If you're a photographer looking to turn your hobby into a business, then I have several articles to help you make the transition. Hint: don't be a shoot-and-burn photographer. Do in-person sales! Don't know what that all means? Send me an email and let's chat today.
One of my favorite posts below is a photo scavenger hunt. I have a great list to get your creativity wheels turning. You just need to head outside with your camera, take the checklist I created, and start clicking. I create portraits in my typical sessions, but I love heading to a local garden or even my backyard and finding textures and colors that I tend not to notice on a typical day.
In addition to my photography writing, I also list here all of my contributions to a parenting blog I used to write for. I loved writing about my life as a dad and my experience learning about my new (at the time) home of Columbus, Ohio. If you need a laugh, then scroll on down. I promise some true chuckles.
If you don't see what you're looking for here, then click on my blog. There's a great search feature that will get you the answer you need. And if you have a question or curiosity that I haven't covered yet, then please send me a message. I am always happy to talk gear, lighting, composition, technique, and all things photography!
Thanks for visiting my writing page. Enjoy!
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Contributions to Columbus Moms Blog:

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