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Beyond the Ordinary: Parker's Personalized Senior Photoshoot

Parker, a Westerville North High School senior, had some really cool ideas for his photos. He wanted to weave his love for theatre, marching band, and graduation into his session.

I'm a huge advocate for creating senior photos that are uniquely YOU. Sure, you'll have some classic pictures that are like your friends. But there's always room to highlight your interests, hobbies, and passions that make your photos feel personal and different from everyone else’s.

collage of senior pictures of guy in theatre and marching band in westerville ohio

As you scroll through Parker’s session, I hope you're inspired to think creatively about ways to make your senior photos just as unique!

Capturing the Arts Visually in Senior Photos

If you're involved in the arts, you might think it'll be challenging to capture your passion visually in photos. For example, photographing an actor without an audience might seem tricky.

But as you’ll see from Parker's pictures, creative thinking can go a long way. Even without an audience, we clearly conveyed his love for theatre, using different points of view. 

One of my favorite shots is of him facing the camera with the empty auditorium seats behind him. It gives the viewer a glimpse into his point of view on stage. 

senior photos of guy in westerville north high school theatre on stage

To counteract the empty auditorium photo, we added a dramatic flair, using the stage spotlight for a few photos.

senior pictures of senior guy in theatre sitting on stage with stage light and red curtain

Taking full advantage of our time in the empty auditorium, we took a few quick photos with his saxophone. The result? A perfect blend of photos showcasing his love for music and theatre all at once.

westerville north senior pictures of guy holding saxaphone on stage

We stopped by the theatre sign in the school hallway on our way to do outdoor photos. The featured signs from past and upcoming shows will surely stir up memories for him as he gets older.

senior pictures of westerville north student in front of theatre signs

Did you catch his green Converse sneakers in the earlier photos?

Fun wardrobe details like that are just as important as your main clothing pieces.

Why? To show your playful and unique style!

Casual and Nostalgic Outdoor Senior Photos

A trend I’ve seen making a strong comeback is school letterman jackets. Cue the nostalgia! And what better way to blend the nostalgic feel of high school with Parker's love for music than by incorporating the marching band trailer?

It's the little details like these that take senior pictures from ordinary to personalized. 

When Parker looks back on these photos in five, ten, or twenty years, he'll be reminded of the camaraderie he shared with his fellow bandmates. Most seniors don't think about these things when planning their photoshoots. But knowing how fast time flies, I try to include meaningful elements like these for clients.

senior pictures of guy in marching band wearing letterman jacket holding sax beside marching band trailer

Senior Photos: Take Two! Cap and Gown and College Celebration

When Parker received his cap and gown for graduation, we went back to the school for a quick session to celebrate his upcoming milestones. He brought his cap, gown, and tassel for graduation photos, but we also celebrated his acceptance into Ohio Northern University in a ball cap and t-shirt.

By combining a few end-of-year photos, we’ve essentially captured Parker’s entire senior year journey from high school to college. 

While it's not always feasible to come back for a second photoshoot, I’m happy to offer this add-on experience for seniors. I've covered this topic in a previous blog post here, with Mia and Abby, if you’d like to see more examples. 

senior photos of guy wearing cap and gown outside westerville north high school

Need Help Creating Personalized Senior Photos?

Whether you're into theatre, music, sports, or any other activity, your senior photos should reflect who you are. And the more out of the box you think, the more personalized your photos will be.

If you need help planning ways to showcase your interests visually, I’m always happy to talk it over with you. We’ll collaborate and figure out how to create personalized senior photos that show what makes you - YOU!


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