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Behind the Scenes of a Wedding Reception

On October 8, 2016, I photographed the wedding of my good friends Caitlin and Randy. I worked with Caitlin last year at Rockville High School, and I also did a family session for them a few months ago. (Some photos from that session--including Shane!--are below.)

The wedding was beautiful, and the party was a blast. I don't usually enjoy dancing--I tend to stand in the corner or hide at the tables. But Caitlin and Randy's party had me smiling, laughing, and wiggling while I took photos.

From start to finish, I had to pull out most of my lighting tricks to make the photos happen, especially at the reception. Today, I published an article on Improve Photography explaining my lighting decisions and techniques. There are some photos from the wedding reception, too. Here's the link.

If you're interested in more of my photography writing as well as a recent podcast I was on, then take a look here.

Thanks to Caitlin, Randy, and Shane for the opportunity to photograph both the family session and the wedding. I'll share more of their wedding photos when the whole collection is finished. For now, enjoy some of their family photos!

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