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Wedding Photography with My Podcast Idol

In April 2015, I started listening to a podcast called "Portrait Session." The podcast was a new series of Improve Photography, a growing network of free photography knowledge that I credit with much of my early business and creative learning. Erica Coffman of Erica Kay Photography is one of the weekly hosts of the show. Her positivity, professionalism, and overall photography knowledge impressed me from the first episode. She just seemed to know exactly the right answer to every question.

Erica is a Columbus-based photographer. When my family and I decided to move to Columbus, I reached out to Erica to at least say thank you for everything she unknowingly contributed to my photography. Conversation led to conversation, and three months after moving to Columbus, I had the opportunity to photograph a wedding as Erica's assistant. I couldn't believe it: I was working with my podcast idol!

Here's an article I wrote about what I learned from the experience: click here.

Here's what's even crazier: Erica invited me on "Portrait Session" as a guest host to talk about the experience. (Mind = blown.) You can listen to the podcast episode here.

Thank you to Erica for every piece of knowledge and for every amazing experience you have given me.

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