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Caitlin + Randy - RowanLark at Headwaters Farm, Olney, Maryland

If you want to have a good party, let Caitlin and Randy take care of things for you. Their wedding on October 8, 2016, at RowanLark at Headwaters Farm in Olney, Maryland, was the best party I've been to in a long time. From Caitlin's amazing laugh and smile to Randy's rendition of "More Today Than Yesterday," from an amazing deejay playing 90's-hip-hop the entire night to a crowd who danced until they turned off the lights, Caitlin and Randy's wedding was amazing.

I met Caitlin in August of 2015 at Rockville High School--well, I actually met her in person a few months later, but I feel like I got the gist of Caitlin during the RHS fantasy football draft at the end of pre-service week. I was finishing my first week at RHS, adjusting to a new staff and attempting fantasy football for the first time. "Where's Ulmer?" someone bellowed. Caitlin was holding up the start of the draft. "She's texting me. She's logging in now." You see, Caitlin had basically just given birth to Shane. She was at home, taking care of a newborn, and still managed to join the draft. I'm thinking to myself, "Now here's someone I'm going to like."

A few months later, I met Caitlin in person, and the first thing we discussed was pumping and breast milk. Well, it wasn't much of a discussion at first--Caitlin fired off a few frustrations before I shook her hand and said, "You're pumping where and when?" Over the course of the school year, we had our fair share of teacher talks, mostly discussing this ridiculous student or that ridiculous form we now have to fill out. That's Caitlin: passion, zero tolerance for nonsense, and a great sense of humor and dedication. And she LOVES her two boys, Randy and Shane.

When Caitlin asked me if I knew any good photographers for her wedding, I said, "Uh, yeah. Me." But she didn't think I'd be making my way back to Maryland for photography after moving to Columbus. I said, "For your wedding? I'll be there." Caitlin and Randy's wedding ended up being my first visit back home since moving to Ohio, and I could not have asked for a better reason--or a better time.

Caitlin and Randy have great friends and family. A close friend of theirs was the officiant, telling a few great stories and jokes with Caitlin and Randy standing at the altar. Caitlin and Randy themselves have such love and humor with each other--they laughed together as much as they hugged and kissed that day. And I've already mentioned the dancing.

One of the best surprises of the day was when Randy's brothers delivered their toast. They began telling a story about how as a kid they locked Randy in a Little Tikes football toy chest and rolled it (and him) down the stairs. As they continued the story, they pointed to a friend, and around the corner came the exact toy chest, filled with childhood toys. The howls of laughter from Caitlin and Randy were just one great moment in a day full of memories.

Thank you to Caitlin and Randy for the honor of photographing your wedding. The day was beautiful, fun, and often hilarious. And while I'm not a dancer, I danced a little as I photographed your wedding. Here's to many happy, healthy years of marriage! Enjoy the photos.

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